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The Market

The Market holds a variety of seasonal flowers brought to you straight from the grower.

These Market flowers are sold wrapped in paper like you would find at a farmers market.

We update the available flowers on this page as soon as we receive our shipment from the grower so that your flowers stay fresher for longer!

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Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)

AED 86.00

10 Stems. Long lasting when in a vase.

Calla Lilies

AED 214.50

10 Stems. Beautiful & Elegant. Very long lasting when water is changed every few days.


AED 100.00

10 Stems. Carnations have a good vase life.

Eucalyptus Cinerea

AED 57.50

1 Bunch. Gorgeous Greens for your Home.


AED 243.00

Terrific vase life. 10 Stems, please cut the stems before putting them into water and keep in a room with air-conditioning.

Olive Branches

AED 58.10

1 Bunch. The Olive branch, is a symbol of peace and friendship.

Rainbow Gypsophila (small)

AED 276.19

10 stems of rainbow gypsophila. These add so much character to a space and are very long lasting. They last around 2 weeks, after that you can gradually stop watering them to dry them out and enjoy them as dried flowers for months!


AED 138.10

25 Stems. Considered the sincere flower, representing growth success and good fortune.

Tanacetum Balsamita

AED 166.70

12 Stems of a sweet bunch! Keep in a room with air conditioning.

Remove all leaves and foliage, it never looks nice after a day or two.


AED 90.50

10 Stems.

Tip: Tulips need a lot of support for their necks as the blooms can become heavy. Choose a high vase, or cut them down to size. Don’t crowd the vase, you may have to separate them into two vases and keep the vase full of fresh clear water. Keep away from direct sunlight.  

Wax White

AED 157.14

15 Stems. They make the perfect additions to gardens and homes.


AED 114.29

20 Stems of Beautiful Rainbow Willow.